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Lora Betts, Advanced Structural Integration therapist, Kamloops, BC

Lora Betts – Advanced Structural Integration Therapist

In a quest for my own healing, and to further understand the body, I have become more and more fascinated with how our amazing bodies work and just how changeable and malleable they truly are. As a result, I am fortunate to have been trained by some of the most respected teachers in the Structural Integration field. In 2010, I successfully completed advanced training in Structural Integration with renowned teacher, Emmitt Hutchins.

I have also done extensive professional development specializing in areas such as; scoliosis, fascial research, functional movement, and the pelvis. As well, I am a certified Bowen Therapist and I have my 200-hour yoga teacher certification.

What clients say…

  • Hands down the most helpful treatment I've ever done for my back.

    I have suffered from back pain since I was a teenager, and this has been hands down the most helpful treatment I've ever done for my back. Lora is great at what she does and is always professional and friendly to deal with. I highly recommend her!

    — Bevin B.
  • Better than anyone I have ever gone to.

    Lora always listens and takes the time to understand what your problem is. You get a full hour of intense massage and get things solved that no one else [has been able to do]. I had problems from many years ago that Lora fixed. Very high recommendations to her. She is also a very good listener. Recommend her to everyone I talk to. Without her not sure if I would even still be working.

    — Alice M.
  • Fully engaged and excited about her work.

    Amazing therapist! Lora works to solve the puzzle that is your pain, or imbalance, gently (for the most part) and effectively. I've personally had fantastic results from her treatments and would recommend her to anyone looking to relieve pain or put their body into an optimal, balanced, state.

    — Trevor M.
  • Lora is the reason I was able to avoid surgery.

    My orthodontist recommended surgery to realign my jaw and after I had just one visit with Lora he changed his mind. She is very intuitive and able to feel when things are out of balance.

    — Tish D.
  • As always, a happier body and mind after treatment.

    Lora is skilled, patient and effective. No matter if it my knee ankle or shoulder, she looks at the big picture and figures it out. Thanks Lora!
    – H.S.